Things you should know before sending your work.

We accept submissions all year through our submissions manager. We do not accept submissions by regular post. We will endeavor to respond to your submission within 90 days. Please wait to hear from us before sending your next submission. If you do not hear from us after 90 days, feel free to inquire at

We only consider previously unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions are allowed so long as you notify us immediately when another market accepts your work. Withdrawals of single pieces can be conducted directly through our submissions manager or you can send an email to

* Send no more than five poems.
* Include all poems in a single document. Ensure your name is on your submission.
* We are open to all forms of poetry but ask that you carefully edit your work. A periodic typo will not affect our decision, but work that boasts a general lack of attention to such detail will be skipped.
* To withdraw a single poem from a submission, use the notes feature on our submissions manager or send an email directly to

Prose (Fiction & Nonfiction):
* Please limit yourself to a 4,000 word maximum, no more than one piece per submission.
* Ensure your name is on your submission.
* We are open to diverse styles as our reading panel varies. However, please do not send:
- Genre fiction (horror, erotica, romance, sci-fi, etc.)
- Miscellany (interviews, letters, lists, reviews, etc.)

Visual Art & Photography:
* Styles can vary but please limit yourself to six submissions at a time.
* Send your submissions as jpegs (600 pixels wide at 72 dpi). Please upload your images as .zip file.

Your Bio:
* We hope by publishing your work to expose you to a wider community so that they can share our appreciation of your craft. To that end, please include a short bio of no more than the 150 most important words we (and the world) should know about you.
* Please also include link(s) to your website or blog, if available.

* We wish we could pay but there is no honorarium for publication at this time.
* We ask that you be open to minor editing suggestions if we accept your work. You, of course, retain the right to keep your work in its original form should you so choose.
* All work is copyrighted upon publication and you automatically grant us one-time rights to publish your work and archive it online in perpetuity.
* Should your work be presented elsewhere, subsequent to appearing in Union Station, please mention that it appeared here first.

Thank you for your careful review of our guidelines.

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